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Sky Wu was born to bring back the dress slipper.

We were tired of the traditional retail experience and decided to strike out on our own. So we hampered down, did our research, packed our bags and travelled the world. We wanted to build a brand focusing on perfecting a consistent reliable offering rather than chasing the trends.

Our idea was to build a brand with people and prices we could relate to; a brand that was accessible to us. With just the two of us to worry about, we placed our young married life on hold and began this journey back in 2013. It was not easy holding full time jobs starting this project, but looking back we made the most of our travels and experiences.  

Our goal was to create a range of simply designed, well-made and well-priced men's dress slippers; a product we loved but couldn't find. We had no framework, no certainty, no long-term plan.

Without realising it, we were beginning the greatest journey of our lives.

Steve Yallop & Michelle Wu


Sky Wu Collection

Sky Wu was born to bring back the dress slipper.

Being steeped in heritage and a real moniker of elegant metropolitan style, Sky Wu wishes to ensure it's no longer the domain of the playboy and the 19th century aristocrat.

As sharp as they are comfortable, Sky Wu dress slippers are a versatile, everyday footwear alternative. Often considered a lavish lounge option, reserved for the Hugh Heffner's of the world, we're ensuring they’re no longer restricted to the mansion or the townhouse.

As good for black tie as they are for a afternoon store along the promenade, we’ve stepped out of that ‘toff’ typecast and become an all-purpose shoe. Impressive as they are, the trick is to wear them like you would a pair of driving shoes, loafers or monk straps – doing so with confidence and without any second-guessing. The Sky Wu dress slipper doesn’t require a conscious effort to pull them off; Sub them straight into your current style and don’t think twice.


Sky Wu Scented

Premium quality soy wax, cotton wick, high quality blend of natural essential oils in a convenient travel tin. They are and poured and Scented by skilled mixologists. With a 18 hour burn time and able to fit in your bag, they are a must for every modern man.

Sky Wu Scented candles are made from high quality natural soy wax, which is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Soy wax also burns cleaner than non-renewable paraffin based wax, so the candles are safer for you and your home.


Sky Wu Sound

Sky Wu Sound is all about making it easier for you to discover new music and having the perfect mixes on hand. We work with Musicians and Record Labels from all over the world to customise a variety of the freshest electronic, indie, and alternative music mixes to represent the Collections of the Sky Wu Brand. We share the full track-list for each Sound, serving up some of the most notable hits while fitting in the undiscovered gems. So, make yourself at home while enjoying countless amazing musicians from a variety of genres and enjoy the Sky Wu Sounds!


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